Artist Bios

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Joyce Jodie Kim

Joyce Jodie Kim is an artist, author, and poet
in love with the God who keeps her breathing. She majors in drawing and painting at OCAD University with a minor in Creative Writing. Author of Caterpillar Portraits, she loves to write about small, often unnoticed flickers of life, in life, as a metaphor for the human condition & search for truth. At the moment, she is working in her studio, whipping up a painterly and wearable narrative about characters she calls the ‘sensitives’: people so in tune with their sensitivities that they can harness them as superpowers. An introverted extrovert, she values vulnerability, raw self-awareness and growth. 

Instagram @joyceyjodie

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Shirls Shuning 

Shirls Shuning is a painter, writer, and teacher, with a BFA from OCAD University. She is obsessed with nostalgia and the little things in life. From the most mundane of daily activity to the flurries of urban traffic, she finds interest in the uninteresting. Her art dives into the necessary dialogue of emotional health and self-care, hoping to expand its awareness and develop an artistic outlet for the community. With an entrepreneurial background, her second love is event and program coordination, thriving to bring more social and professional opportunities to the Toronto art community.

Instagram: @shirlsshuning

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Julia Louise Pereira

Julia Louise Pereira is an illustrator, writer, and book-binder whose work focuses on telling compelling stories and engaging her audience in emotional and magical designs. She majors in Illustration, with a minor in Creative Writing at OCAD University, and works as a Designer for WIAprojects, a women's art group. As an emerging feminist artist, she re-frames myths and folklore by providing us with open narratives that challenge us to question our deepest fears, desires and beliefs. 

Instagram: @ohlordyitsjulia